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I work with Hemera on their branding and social media strategy back in 2017. Hand made in India, working with local female artists and promote women equality through their tastefully designed formal heeled footwear. I LOVE their business philosophy, and they love my works! So when they expand their business into home decor and accessories in 2019, we worked together again and put together a lookbook to showcase their products and get the love they deserve!


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MUUR is a handcrafted leather goods brand based in New York. Aim to become one of the traveling necessities, and looking for a fresh eye for their social media, I was excited to develop a social media strategy plan for them to achieve just that.

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Sophie peridot

A brand identity that translates possibilities! When Jody (Founder of Sophie Peridot) asks for a logo that is a bit quirky but also classy and approachable...I delivered a brand identity that reflects her, one part luxury; one part sparkle; one part modern, and one part stylishly cool. Needless to say, She is thrilled with her new brand identity!


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Taste of Australia

I take on the challenge of branding for Taste of Australia. The vision behind the company is to share the love of Australia that was experienced by a migrant who decided to spend the rest of his life in Australia and wants to spread the same love throughout the world.⁠ Label design incorporated an AR marker to offer digital content. ⁠


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Fashion, Design & Dialogue

The official creative partner with Modelogs for a new and exclusive talk series that celebrate entrepreneurship in the Digital Age. For the debut talk in the series, we welcomed 4 panelists to share their stories of being a Female Founders, and showcase their innovative works.


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Paper Scratch

Branding for a personal blog. Showing off the simplicity of the logo and the mood of the visual.